Gault EngineeringOur Client Testimonials

“Gault Engineering did a fantastic job managing the complex design issues that we encountered during the build period of this high profile project in SE London. The routines they kept to ensure our project remained on track and on time, the frequency of communication and the responsiveness of their project team aided in making the process as seamless as possible. Most importantly, Gault Engineering was able to translate our vision and the specs from our design team to truly bring this building to life. Our team as well as our company’s leadership is extremely pleased with the final result and would highly recommend Gault Engineering for future services.” Thomas Downey
Senior Construction Director, Ardmore Group
Gault Engineering have and continue to constantly strive for quality in their work and put thought into every step of the construction process. They have assembled a strong team of in-house and field personnel and have systems in place for the successful completion of projects. They love to build and are committed to attaining the highest quality of work. The people at Gault Engineering are definitely that company’s strongest asset.” “Your efforts were instrumental in getting this project onto a successful track after all the stops, starts and design changes we had along the way. I was beginning to think that “on time and on budget” was some fictional concept until you came on board. My only regret is that I did not contract with you sooner and let you handle the project from its inception/design phase all the way through completion.”Thomas Downey
Project Director, Lovell Partnership

Our CustomersLove Our Service

“Having worked with Gault Engineering for a number of years we have found their performance consistently impressive. They have always adapted their approach to suit the project and delivered what is requested on time. The reaction to changes, additional requests or problems encountered has been fast and helpful. All work carried out has been good quality, safe and compliant. Their teamwork approach is refreshing and helpful, we look forward to many successful years in partnership together.” William McKirgan
H&J Martin
“We have worked with Gault Engineering on numerous projects over a number of years, and each project has been completed successfully and to a high standard. Any design issues were always dealt with swiftly with a proactive response from Gault at all times. All workmanship was to a high standard, and the site teams worked well with our project teams both in terms of productivity and safety. We have a long standing relationship with Gault Engineering and long may this continue.”Ian McCully
Senior Contracts Director, Henry Brothers Ltd

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