B & Q Boucher Road Redevelopment

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Another derelict and tired building receiving a complete makeover. This started with a 40,000 square foot mezzanine floor within one part of the building, including two staircases. The existing structure needed to have additional steel added to give the strength it needed to deal with all the upgrades. So we added additional strengthening steel on the roof, across the trusses and linking to stanchions. Once the building was strengthened it was time for it’s facelift, a new front façade to completely change the look. The new steelwork for the front façade was installed and tied into the existing building. Minor works such as new doorways, new corridors etc. were also completed to update the layout of the building. We are sure this project will have more to offer prior to completion – keep track as we update with descriptions and pictures of this ongoing transformation.

January 2020 – Present